Captivating melodies demanding the crowd’s attention emerge from the sweet essence of Brittany Tanner. She hails from Bakersfield Ca, home of many ground breaking genre defining artist, such as Korn, Meryl Haggard, Gregory Porter, Dwight Yokum and world renown bassist and composer Tarus Mateen, who has produced and composed music for Brittany. Looking to round out this line-up, Brittany Tanner brings a unique and ground breaking Soulful offering for the 21st century.  Holding her listeners entranced, this genre-defining artist with a “rhythmic sense all her own” according to the Washington Post, pulls listeners to the edge of their seats. Within 6 months of moving to Washington DC she performed at two of DC's premier entertainment venues, the legendary jazz club Bohemian Caverns, and Washington DC's Mecca for arts and entertainment, The Kennedy Center, where she was hired by its artistic advisor for Jazz, Jason Moran, a Blue Note recording artist and recipient of the MacArthur “Genius Award.”  While making her way through the DC music and poetry scene Brittany joined the  musical collective SOL Development.  The collective recieved the call to help open the performing arts school, Roses in Concrete Community School, located in Oakland CA.  Brittany continues to grow in her music career with SOL Development and as a solo singer/songwriter, recently landing a feature on Oakland legend Mistah F.A.B.'s latest album "Thug Tears 4."  Prepare for the musical voyage which is Brittany Tanner.