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  • Searching...

    Through all my adversities I have become the woman I am today! I have been hurt, embarrassed, lied on, cheated, hardheaded (lol), stuck, desperate and slew of other things. In a world with so many things going on sometimes it's hard to stay focused. Whether it be money, relationships, sex, drugs, that we are Searching to find happiness in, we can find that "happiness" deep within ourselves.  Our human instincts allow us to rise to the occasion when we are faced with challenges. With that being said I  charge you to reach deep within and believe in yourselves!! Don't give up, live in love, and follow your dreams!! 

    — BCT

  • Keep love at the forefront of all your intentions!

    — BCT
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    Can't sleep, so I'll write! 

  • FREE!!

    Being on stage is soooooo liberating!!!


  • Love what you do! #passion 


  • What I love most about rivers is: You can't step in the same river twice!

    — Pocahontas
  • New Beginnings

    In my lifetime I've experienced some disappointments, some hurts, some failures, that at one point in my life I was ready to give up on music.  I didn't want to render myself to constant rejection of society, the industry, my peers or anyone.  As an artist, to perform and present your thoughts and expressions to people is a very vulnerable place.  Not to be corny lol but when I received Tarus' music and heard it for the first time I cried.  All the hurts, and disappointments I had poured into the music as well as the historic and happy moments in my life.  I felt as if I had a "New Beginning" and NO ONE is exempt from that! I'm not perfect and quite frankly I don't want to be.  I hope that everyone can love me for my imperfect self ;)  Peace and Love my peeps!!